Our Glitter. Your Destiny.

Glitter Destiny Company represents the millennial woman who celebrates her very own individuality, femininity & independence! She walks so unique, you can see her aura of glittery footsteps she leaves behind as she walks through her journey to reach her destiny.

Glitter Destiny Co. is a company created by a millennial Queen who knows the importance of standing out in a room when everyone else  is quiet. Our owner, Nisha believes every woman should look her best, feel her best and be her best unapologetically. 

Nisha, a self-taught Graphic Designer & Beauty professional has personally created all of our designs available in our store. Every piece is original & designed for the Queen mentioned above. 

We're currently looking for Brand Ambassadors! Join our team & receive a commission on every item sold in our Boutique! Please send inquiries to glitterdestinyco@outlook.com.